Patrick Kinney

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Kinney

Patrick Kinney has more than forty years of experience in the insurance industry serving in a number of senior leadership roles throughout his career. As the Chief Executive Officer, he brings an extensive repertoire of expertise and deep understanding to the company, always prioritizing tangible outcomes.

Mission Statement

Patrick is dedicated to establishing replicable processes and ensuring consistency within the organization. His unwavering commitment to both individuals and achieving positive outcomes paves the way for operational excellence across KAP.

In this role, I am able to harness my passions and expertise to create a meaningful impact among our team members, partners, and stakeholders. I am sincerely appreciative of the opportunity to contribute to this company and eagerly anticipate our ongoing efforts to propel it to new heights in the future.

Chief Executive Officer
Keystone Agency Partners
Executive Vice President, Field Management
EVP Field Management, Business Insurance, Business Insurance Marketing & Communications
President of Field Management

Key Objectives

  • Crafting robust corporate strategies and effectively communicating them.
  • Delivering agile and distinct market offerings.
  • Exhibiting a leadership approach that is versatile and responsive.
  • Recognizing and empowering exceptional professionals who bring diversity and drive.
  • Fostering enduring relationships with stakeholders.
  • Embodying the company’s values and mission.
  • Driving formidable and enduring performance.

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