Independent Insurance Partner to Support your Agency – Our Mission

Keystone Agency Partners is rooted in a simple idea: we want to help agencies achieve consistent value creation through strategic acquisitions, organic growth, and long-term partnership. We’re not here to change your agency name, force staffing changes, or insist that you implement a new agency management system. Instead, with Keystone Agency Partners, as your independent insurance partner, you’ll receive an unrivaled blueprint for how to build better-performing sales teams, streamline your operations, attract and empower your next generation of leaders, and create business strategies designed to increase value.

Whether you are exploring succession planning options, looking for a strategic partner to take your agency to the next level, or need support to compete with your most formidable competitor, Keystone Agency Partners is here to help.

Learn how a partnership with us can benefit your agency.

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Independent insurance partners who care about your growth

Keystone Agency Partners is focused on being the ideal independent insurance agency partner through insurance agency strategic acquisition. This allows us to support your agency to grow whilst keeping you in the driving seat – fulfilling and exceeding your growth aspirations. By joining the Keystone Agency Partners network, agencies can benefit from the following opportunities:

  • A breadth of services comparable to a national broker while allowing agencies to operate independently
  • Partnership with our network positions the local agency with the most valuable solutions in their respective geography
  • Potential for co-ownership for agencies with the desire and capacity for exponential growth through M&A
  • Entrepreneurial and connected operating philosophy with consultative support to accelerate organic growth and optimize operations


Independent insurance agency partners with values that matter


As your independent insurance partner, we’re always just a phone call or email away. We see “closing” as the true beginning of a bright, new future together as we find new and better ways to evolve our partnership. Further, we are actively seeking independent insurance agency partners in expanded and new geographies every day.

Contact us if you have a foothold in a local community where we don’t yet have an established presence or if you provide a differentiated offering in one of our current markets. We’d love to connect with you.


Our business offerings span the majority of corporate and personal insurance products and all major industries, as well as employee benefits and financial services offerings. We keep an open mind when considering areas for potential expansion of products and services. Once you’ve joined as a partner, we identify areas of mutual opportunity to provide access to financial, strategic, and cross-sell opportunities to enable growth.


We value the entrepreneurial spirit. We seek to grow by feeding like-minded leaders in the independent insurance industry willing to take on new opportunities for profit upside. Our partners are excited to bring their best assets to the Keystone Agency Partners family and collaborate with partner agencies. Together, we all thrive.


Today’s business environment moves quickly, and so must your independent insurance agency consultants. We adapt to meet the needs of independent insurance agencies like yours. As a result, we are constantly evolving our offerings and adding strategic partners to better refine our role in the insurance industry. We partner individually with your agency to meet your needs in whichever way necessary, working tirelessly to better serve your growth aspirations by unlocking opportunities for efficiencies of scale and integration with the Keystone network.


We implement cutting-edge technologies across all of our operations. We are constantly looking for the most effective way to approach strategy development to enhance the upward mobility of your agency. Additionally, our connection with Keystone Insurers Group, Inc. affords us product innovation through one of the nation’s largest networks of insurance agencies—which we combine with Keystone Agency Partners’ wealth of resources and experience—to offer a superior partner experience.


We want to get to know you. And once we do, we’ll work to help you achieve success and overcome whatever barriers you may face. Whether it’s business process improvements, development opportunities for your professionals, or expansion of offerings, we’re here to partner with you in ways that will transform your future growth.


We are a team of experienced professionals and engaged listeners who want to hear who you aspire to become and what will drive your business forward. As the ideal independent insurance consultant, we want to help streamline the process and partner with you in ways that will set your business on a path for future success. While there may be some opportunities to improve things quickly, we appreciate that many business improvement plans require multi-stage interactions to drive long-term results.

We’re ready to collaborate with you on that journey.

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