The Transitive Property of Retained Ownership

The Transitive Property of Retained Ownership

In school, we learned that the transitive property of mathematics states that if a = b and b = c, then a = c. At Keystone Agency Partners, we employ this simple equation in our partnership structures with independent insurance agencies to optimize success.

Our version of this equation: Retained Ownerships = Motivated Partnerships = Shared Successes

So why do we this? Why not just buy the entire entity? Because the partners we want to work with are not ready to retire or give up the reigns; they are hungry for more. They need what Keystone Agency Partners has offer to take that big next step.

The independent insurance agencies we invest in retain a meaningful stake in their business. We tailor that percentage to each partner based on their unique circumstance. At the same time that we are partnering with them in their business, we also give our partners a considerable stake in Keystone Agency Partners. That’s right! Our partners not only maintain meaningful equity in their own businesses, but they also become true partners in ours as well by owning a portion of us.

What makes this work?

Commitment. We want partners who are successful and looking for great achievements in the second acts of their careers. Our structure tosses aside the traditional buyout model – they make a commitment to us and we to them!

Spirit. Aligned incentives is a beginning, but it is what that gesture signifies and sets in motion that is truly awe-inspiring. Our partners are entrepreneurs. They are proven high performers. They have that fire to reach greater heights. Our structure and corresponding post-close collaboration fan those entrepreneurial flames.

Collaboration. Our structure necessitates true cooperation. We all have ‘skin in the game’. Each company is aligned to bring their best to the partnership. Our partners bring their talent and local market knowledge. We bring operational and financial resources that turbo-charge their business.

Focus. Through all of this comes greater clarity. Our economic structure cuts through the clutter found in normal transactions. Everyone knows their roles and following our post-close sessions there is a clear path and vision to succeed.

Admittedly, there are many intangibles that drive the realization of this equation. However, it all begins with the concept that a team bound together through proper incentives more quickly achieves a common purpose to scale greater heights.

In my next post, I plan to touch on the seeming disparity between ‘connected’ and ‘autonomy’ and how those dynamics drive growth. I hope through these posts you begin to gain an understanding of the Keystone Agency Partners difference.

We are very excited about the platform we are building. With nine partners so far – and many more in the pipeline – our equation is resonating in the market. And the proof is in the results. Our earliest partners are experiencing stellar growth, and you will hear from them in upcoming posts as well.

Stay well and a very happy upcoming holidays to you and your loved ones.

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