Jeff Turner

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner has more than twenty-five years of experience in the retail insurance and global advisory businesses working both as a producer and a results-oriented leader.

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), he is adept at understanding a company’s goals and aspirations with the passion and capacity to work toward desired outcomes.

Mission Statement

Growth is the key driver for building traction in this market and engaging leadership teams with aggressive aspirations. Our strategic trajectory and unique value proposition has an extremely long runway to partner with agencies downstream.

This role uniquely leverages my previous experience to a tee—allowing me to partner with agency owners to realize their vision and growth by providing capital investment and consulting services to better business outcomes. I am grateful everyday for this company and my role in bringing people together to improve the offering to market.

Managing Director
Higginbotham & Associates
Managing Principal
Bridge Insurance Partners
North America Growth Leader
Willis Towers Watson

Key Objectives

  • Sound corporate strategy development and communications
  • Nimble delivery of differentiated market offerings
  • Distributed and adaptive leadership style
  • Identify and propel talented, diverse, and motivated professionals
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders
  • Live the values and mission of the company
  • Strong and sustainable performance