The Keystone family grows stronger.

We know your growth relies on ours. So, to expand our portfolio of offerings and provide an unmatched value proposition to corporate and personal clients, we continue to seek and acquire exceptional insurance agencies across the country. The following platform agencies make up today’s Keystone Agency Partners’ family.

Keystone Agency Partners was formed in July 2020 as a strategic partnership between Keystone Insurers Group, Inc. and affiliates of Bain Capital, LP.

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A background that benefits you

Keystone Insurers Group, Inc. has spent nearly 40 years developing one of the largest independent insurance networks in the country. Their excellence in client service has afforded a corporate foothold of best-in-class, value-added services, and resources that we opportunistically paired with the capital of a leading financial institution, Bain Capital, LP, in July 2020 to create Keystone Agency Partners. You’d be hard-pressed to match this level of partner support.

Keystone Agency Partners
Keystone Agency Partners
  • Partnership platform that is a majority owner of independent insurance agencies.
  • Keystone Agency Partners provides financial security, centralizes corporate functions, and provides resources for agency partners to grow and thrive into the future.
  • Resources and support are focused on optimizing organic growth, establishing inorganic strategies and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Keystone Agency Partners is the ultimate partner for autonomously run high-performing agencies.
Keystone Insurers Group, Inc.
Keystone Insurers Group, Inc.
  • Community of independent insurance agencies linked by franchisor model.
  • Keystone Insurers Group, Inc. (KIG) links independent insurance agencies together by providing the highest level of expertise through its network and insight into the insurance industry by network scale.
  • Access to the most robust insurance industry services and optimal carrier contracts.
  • With Keystone, we are not alone because we are working independently, together.

Knowing where we come from and how the benefits of the Keystone Insurers Group, Inc. network can promote the mission and growth of our partners, which positions us well beyond peers in our industry. Keystone Agency Partners is proud to leverage Keystone Insurers Group, Inc.’s scale and scope to support the strategic partners in our family.

Agency strength
Keystone supports us with the resources and tools we need to continually develop our team, agency operations, relationships with insurance companies, and the services we provide.

KIG is a network of independent agencies just like ours. Being able to tap the knowledge of many of our industry’s brightest minds means we’re always learning and growing.

As part of Keystone, we have access to exclusive knowledge, unmatched experience, and industry insights that allow us to meet your needs. If we don’t have an answer, we know someone who does. We’ll pass along the experience and expertise directly to you, offering creative solutions for your most unique challenges.

Being connected to Keystone provides your agency with unique access to other insurance agencies in a less competitive approach. In addition, our relationships enable us to elevate matters beyond the local or regional levels to which most agencies are bound. This national-level connection with local service is something you can’t get anywhere else.

Geographic Footprint

Leverage our geographic footprint

By leveraging the established network and expanding through acquisition, platform partners gain Day One scale benefits and a rich set of proprietary acquisition candidates in the Keystone Insurers Group network.

Keystone is one of the largest communities of independent agents in the industry focused on the core belief that powerful partnerships generate prosperity.

285total partners in 17 states
150professionals to support cross-sell and operational efficiencies
#4Rank in Agency Partnerships by Insurance Journal

Located right where you need us—we can quickly and decisively tap a sizeable national network to get you where you want to go. Geographic expansion is one of our top priorities in a strategic partnership.

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